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Hastings beach nude stunt aimed at Spencer Tunick
18 January 2014
Up to 30 residents took part in a nude flash mob in wet and windy conditions on Hastings beach to attract an acclaimed photographer to the town.  ...>>
'Shakespeare in Love' Holkham beach naturist ban lifted
A ban on naturism at a beach made famous by the film Shakespeare in Love has been lifted.  ...>>

Action Group - Stop PORNOfying Nudism

Action Group - Stop PORNOfying Nudism

I don’t think that I am only person expressing such views.

'Naturism and Nudism have a PR problem'
All over the internet people sport the nudist and increasingly naturist label while blogging, posting and retweeting, sexually explicit (images etc.) material. While everyone has the right to blog, publish what they want to within the law the inadequate and sometimes complicit response of the clothes free community has allowed the online porn industry to capture the word nudist and apply it to their interest. Meanwhile internet savvy so called “nudists” have been slowing intentionally reinforcing the notion that all kinds of sexual activity are perfectly compatible the non sexual practice of naturism and clothes free living.

The blogging, retweeting are NOT the biggest menace to nudist/naturist communities.

Much worse are the PARSITES and the PARASITES PORNO websites, which inflict direct and devastating damage to the personal freedoms, privacy and dignity of thousands of people who are practising nudism.

Examples of their “work” you can find on websites like:
- (Especially ‘What I Saw Photos’ section -
and many more.

Those website are making millions of dollars, fuelling enormous amount of money in their dirty business. Nowadays many PARASITES (filthy individuals with cameras) driven by lust and greediness are on the hunt for more and more ‘flesh’.
(For example used to was paying $1250 USD for the first place contribution of dozen photos.)

Those PARASITES have not only distraught the lives of thousand, but also ruined many nudist communities.

The effect of the parasites activities is not felt that much in the UK, because most of the events are conducted in confined spaces under easy to control environment. Plus the overall culture of British people and law-enforcement practices are well above the average of those in continental Europe.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for my country Bulgaria.
The parasites (“Pubic Lice with Cameras” – PLC in short) thrive in Bulgarian’s environment of inefficient and often corrupt law-enforcement system.
In reality they have simply devastated the nudist communities. Many beaches and places, which used to be full of live and joyous people now are deserted. Many people are simply giving up on nudism and not many are willing to give it a try considering the risks of ending up on PARASITES 'Pubic Lice with Cameras' PORNO websites.

And that is true although to lesser extend for many European countries. Serious impact the parasites activities have inflicted in countries like France, Croatia, Spain … the PARASITES PORNO website are full with images taken in nudist resorts from those countries.

What we can do to change it?
(In my opinion it run for too long without adequate reaction from nudist communities and I truly believe that it can be changed)

- Campaigns and informing public – I think all national nudist organisations and IFN should take steps of bringing this issue in public media domain.

- Request from law-enforcement authorities to take action to stop it. European Union, UK, USA, Canada, Australia (PARASITES PORNO websites generate their big revenues in those countries).
Stricter and clearer regulations to target 'Pubic Lice with Cameras' (PLC) crimes.

- We can request the Internet Service Providers (ISP) to block PARASITES 'Pubic Lice with Cameras' PORNO websites.
In the way of how the big movie, music and software companies have forced ISPs to ban all torrent tracker websites to prevent losses of millions of dollars to those companies, we can seek banning of the PARASITES PORNO websites.
If that can be done to protect the profit of some companies, it can be done to protect the dignity and personal freedoms of millions of people.
Similar notices should be displayed, when someone is trying to access 'Pubic Lice with Cameras' websites.
“… We are required by Court order to prevent access to this site in order to help protect against copyright infringement. …”

- Search engines Google, Yahoo, etc. They all pretend that they are socially responsible companies.
If you try to run Google search with ‘euro nudist’ as search term, one of the first listings in text results is and 95% from the image results originate from porno websites or Parasites 'Pubic Lice with Cameras' porn websites. The later also illegally use legitimate content, which belongs to proper nudist websites and nudist video production companies, which is pure form of ‘copyright infringement’.
Search engines can be persuaded to take steps to block 'Pubic Lice with Cameras' websites voluntarily or can be forced to do so.

(In time I will provide some more ideas what can be done and more detail of how it can be done.)

Unfortunately, no one has done anything to STOP PORNofication of nudism yet. That is about to change.

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More information:

'We’re an endangered species’: Fewer nudists, more voyeurs at Vancouver’s Wreck Beach'
Watermelon Girl:
“… If numbers of nudists decrease across the province maybe I wouldn't be surprised. I have a theory I think the rise of camera phones has a lot to do with the decline of nudity … “

Pornographers hijack Google Image Search Results

Use Google Translator selector [ Select Language ] at the top right-hand side of the website to read more about PARASITES 'Pubic Lice with Cameras' crimes in your own language from the following links:
Паразити на Плажа (Parasites On The Beach)
Жертви на Паразитите (Victims of the Parasites)
Зала на Срама (Hall of Shame)
Паразити по Българските Плажове